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Demos Vol. 1 & 2 Music To Kill Bad People and Eat Bananas To (Bootleg By HigH FigH Records)

Limited Edition King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Demos Vol. 1 & 2 Music To Kill Bad People And Eat Bananas To Deluxe 2xLP Official Bootleg.
This pressing from HigH FigH Records is limited to 225 deluxe gatefold sleeve, foil stamped (or silver ink) and numbered copies, silver and black labels, on black vinyl with clear (or white) and silver splatter. Silver and black labels.
There will be 25 randomly inserted secret Wax Mage pressings!
Records numbered 1-25 are the super special secret Waxe Mage pressing. Records numbered 26-225 are the equally super awesome reverse black hole edition!

Side A
1. Music To Kill Bad People To
2. Evil Death Roll (Demo)
3. Dirt (Demo)
5. Sketches Of Brunswick East (Demo)
6. Demo No. 79
Side B
7. Planet B (Demo)
8. The Bird Song (Demo)
9. Muddy Water (Demo)
10. Mars For The Rich (Demo)
11. Footy Footy (Demo)
12. Stevie Ray Horn
13. Automation (Demo)
14. Fishing For Fishies (Demo)
Side C
1. Music To Eat Bananas To
2. The Spider And Me (Demo)
3. Most Of What I Like (Demo)
4. 9 TET
5. Demo No. 67
6. Danger $$$ (Demo)
7. Horology (Demo)
8. Honey (Demo)
Side D
9. The 10th Boogie
10. Let It Bleed (Demo)
11. Tezeta (Demo)
12. Scared Of Christmas
13. Sleepwalker (Demo)
14. Straws In The Wind (Demo)