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Lounge Gizzard (Bootleg By Natalie Blanton Art)

Lounge Gizzard - A jazzy King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard compilation featuring original abstract landscapes on every sleeve of the gatefold and vinyl label, this double LP begins each side with a bopping instrumental track from the Demo albums followed by a selection of the jazzier tracks from the 2019 live albums. Remastered to ensure equal volume and a smooth listening experience. Pressed on heavyweight, ultra-clear wax.

1. Sketches of Brunswick East (Demo) 2. Sense (Live in Brussels '19)
3. Hot Water (Live in Paris '19)
4. Music to Eat Bananas To
5. The Bird Song (Live In Adelaide '19) 6.Work This Time (Live In Brussels '19) 7. The Spider and Me (Demo)
8. Beginner's Luck (Live In Asheville '19) 9. The Wheel (Live In Brussels '19)
10. The 10th Boogie
11. The Bitter Boogie (Live In Asheville '19)