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Teenage Gizzard Recycled Edition Cassette (Bootleg By Far Out Cassette Club)

Dubbed entirely with repurposed vintage cassettes and cases. Side A features Teenage Gizzard, and Side B features an exclusive warped reinterpretation called "Oops, You Left Your Teenage Gizzard Tape in Your Car All Summer and It Melted." Limited to 42 total cassettes.


1. Hey There
2. Ants And Bats
3. Sleep
4. Summer!
5. Eddie Cousin
6. Fried
7. Good To Me
8. Tomb/Beach
9. Trench Foot
10. Life Is Cool

Tracks 1-8 recorded some time in 2010 in Angelsea, Victoria, Australia
Tracks 9+10 recorded some time in 2011 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
Cover Design by Ahmad Oka